Content Loves Context

When producing content for your digital communities, it is important to remember that both content and context go hand in hand. Instead of creating content that is simply enjoyable, make sure to create content that is both personal and revolves around your customers lifestyles.

For example, if you are an airline, bring up your content a notch to include posts that go beyond destinations and airline ticket offers. Include places to wine and dine; unique experiences in different cities, cultural and lifestyle of the different regions. Yours online fans and followers will cherish the info, simply because one day it will come in handy, and that’s just one of the many ways you can keep your content in context. You simply broaden your horizon, while keeping everything in context.

Many people seem to forget the golden rule of social media; your content should be 80% valuable to your reader, and 20% about your product/service. Sometimes, we think a simple product cannot be that interesting, but it can. For example if you pick up a flour brand, you can easily consider pushing recipes, since flour involves a lot of baking. But those recipes can also be in context of occasions, New Year, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Eid, Ramadan, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the list goes on and on. Ask your online readers to get involved, with submitting their own recipes, tips, and tricks.

Such content will ensure that your online experience will leverage context to make your company more appealing online.

The things that your fans learn from you, what they talk about, how they interact and connect with you – simply comes down to the best results because you’re keeping your content in context!