No matter where you are looking to spend your dollar, we know how to spend it to get the best results. We do media buying on major social networks and the Google Ads network. An ad that isn’t set up properly won’t bring in the results or benefits you’re looking for. Let us help you ensure that every cent spent is worthwhile.

apps & website development

We love pushing the envelope when it comes to utilizing the latest resources and codes to design the future. Whether you’re looking for an in-house solution, or relentless to revamp your website or even create an application for your business, trust us to test and be persuasive in giving you exactly what you want. Our team will help you identify the future trends and build you app experience using those finding that will allow you to stand out from your competition.


From company profiles, animated presentations, to logos, booklets, and billboards. We will create relevant, meaningful and personalized brand assets that tell your story and make you un-missable.

consulting & strategy

We provide business leaders with forward-looking business strategy consulting services that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. Through workshops, strategy engagements, customized innovation programs, and more, our growth strategy consulting services can accelerate your profits.

content marketing

We build, design, and write your materials to promote your company and improve your search ranking with unique content that will help acquire and retain customers who are looking for a brand like you. Our content marketing strategies ensure that your brand leaves a footprint in the digital world.

digital signage

Fairooz is a full service provider for Digital Signage for multiple industries. Many establishments have a huge opportunity for digital signage placement to drive sales to their venues and to create a revenue stream inside their premises. Our latest technology that is updated virtually is a solution for many who consider a digital face lift.

hosting solutions

We take pride in our eco-friendly decisions when it comes to hosting our applications and websites. Based in Germany our website and application hosting is carbon neutral.

online marketing

We will identify the channels which your primary and secondary audiences are currently present and we will build the platforms to start talking to them and hear from them. The social profiles will be built to attract your customers and prospective customers to leverage a two-way conversation between you.

social commercials

Video content is rewarding and impacting, and depending where you want to stand in the spectrum from fun to completely corporate we can help you deliver your message across. Simply said our video services can help you reach your business goals without breaking your marketing budget. Today the social customer engages through video content, so whether you are looking to convert clicks into customers or engage viewers into building brand awareness, rest assured that our team of professionals will guide you through strategy, identifying your messaging, and creating a production that will give you your desired outcome.